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Top 9 Tips for Home Sellers this Spring


I know when you look outside, it’s hard to convince you that spring is here. Yet, it will soon be time to get your house ready to sell.

Use these 9 tips to prepare your home for the spring market:

1. Lose it

Now that you can see the ground and temperatures are above zero, it’s time for your things to go where they belong. For those awesome presents you received for Christmas… now is the time to decide their fate. A trip to a non-profit organization might be what the doctor ordered.

2. Rake it in

Get out the trimmer and cut overgrown vegetation, especially near windows and paths. Now you can dust off the rake and get all the dead leaves, debris, and newly trimmed clippings off the lawn so that you can move on to number 3…

3. Mani and pedi

As well as making your yard appear larger, mowing your grass diagonally shows potential buyers that you put extra time into the details, and they will already expect that you have done the same inside. Edge your lawn near sidewalks and curbs, as it shows clean lines.

4. Garden party

Everyone, especially after this long cold winter, wants to see some colour on the ground. Nothing does this better than transplanted flowers or flowers in decorative containers. Choose bright, complimentary colours that give a warm and inviting message.


5. Streak-free shine

Now that the outside is ready for buyers, it’s time for a little TLC on the inside. Cleaning your windows inside and out is paramount to selling a home, especially in the spring. Sparkle doesn’t cost you much, but it certainly sells.

6. Spring breeze

Before you crank open your windows, take a look at your window coverings. Could they use a wash? For plastic blinds, a quick bath in the tub will do the trick, and wipe down wood-based blinds.

7. Outside-in

Bring some fresh flowers inside, as the scent will carry throughout the home. There’s nothing better than walking into a home that smells fresh and clean. Try tall, skinny vases, as you don’t want to take away floor or table-top space.

8. Get detailed

Essentially, buyers are taking your home for a test drive, trying to visualize themselves buying and living in your home. Now is the time to rent that steam cleaner for your carpets, bleach or scrub down the grout around tiles, and make those wood floors shine.

9. Quick hitter

Some of the least expensive things you can do to your home will have the greatest impact. A fresh coat of paint or updated accents go a long way with potential buyers. Lose the dark towels, bed linens and throw pillows, and go for lighter spring-inspired colours.

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