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Heidi is a unique member of our team that is always looking for something new and exciting to challenge her both mentally and physically. In June, she participated in the Spartan Race at Hardwood Ski and Bike which was 9 kilometers of obstacles. She enjoyed the experience and loved the challenge of using her mind and body to complete a common goal that is set out in front of her.

Heidi Spartan Race
The next chapter in this experience is participating in the Tough Mudder race at the end of September. This is a growing excursion of approximately 18 kilometers of obstacles that will further test her resolved. This hard-working and technical approach is similar to the way that she works on real estate projects. She uses cunning and innovative ideas to make solutions that will work for everyone. She will also work harder than any other agent to make sure that all of the bases are covered.

Wish her luck as she competes at the end of September and any comments or good wishes are more than welcome.



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