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Home Staging Tips

Think of showing your home as a first date. Ask yourself the question: When I go on a first date, how can I look most appealing to the other person? Well, it’s the same way with homes; the first impression leaves a lasting impression. Create a WOW factor and start with curb appeal. Is the lawn mowed, is the snow shovelled, is the porch swept, etc.


De-cluttering your home gives the illusion of extra space. Clean up all loose papers, move furniture around in such a way to open up the space and try to de-personalize your home. When selling your home it is important to make potential buyers feel very comfortable and make it easy for them to picture themselves living in that home. Remember that buyers will look in cabinets and closets. Make your home as neat as possible. Find a suitable place for your clutter or remove it.



Pay careful attention to where your eye is drawn. Is there anything that needs fixing, cleaning, painting or replacing?


Clean & Freshen

Clean. Get everyone in your household to help. People notice things that you may not because it is their first time in the home. Be aware of fingerprints, dust, dirt, how your bathrooms are displayed. Open up some windows to let some fresh air in. Try interesting approaches when possible. Bake some cookies, buy fresh flowers, light some scented candles or even make a pie. Whatever you feel comfortable with.