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Tips For Buying A Home

Century 21 signWhen you work with The Brandon Horn team it will be immediately evident that we are dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous, conscientious  and responsive. We will help you find the perfect property. We respect you and your needs, and work diligently to protect your best interests. In order to accommodate your needs we need to fully understand your perspective. There are three major factors to the home buying process; wants, needs and required investment. Once these factors are understood we will be able to tailor a personal action plan to find your property. Some of the points that we cover in the action plan will include:

  • Daily market updates for your specified area.
  • A comprehensive assessment of your target areas, including work, schools, transportation and community services.
  • It is our goal to find an area where your required investment will satisfy as many of your wants and needs as possible.
  • Everything that happens in your housing market will affect home value. Mortgage rates, housing prices and development are some key factors that will affect value.
  • We will discuss the market trends in your area.
  • Depending on your needs we can create a team of professionals (Mortgage broker, home inspector, lawyer, contractor, etc.) that will be able to make your home buying process enjoyable.
  • We help to estimate the cost of borrowing, land transfer tax, lawyer fees and any other associated closing costs, so that there are no surprises.
  • You will have access to our extensive list of past clients, contacts and exclusive listings. This will provide a unique perspective on your area available only when you work with Horn & Deveau.
  • Once we have found your home we will take care of all the details. Using our extensive market knowledge we will make offer negotiations as clear-cut as possible. We will make sure that you are confident with your required investment.
  • We will be partners in your home buying process up until your closing date.
  • Taking care of all the details and making the process fun, interesting and informative.

When you work with The Brandon Horn team you are guaranteed the best service, knowledge and information.