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Leasing Your Property

Leasing a property for investment or lifestyle reasons can be a rewarding experience. It is however, very important that you select not only a tenant that is going to take care of your property but that is also more than capable of paying the monthly rent. As a Broker and Investment experts we can help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with property leasing and make sure that you were given every possible opportunity to secure the best tenant. We are able to have the tenant provide a credit check, personal references, rental references, employment/income confirmation and other details that will give us the best options and information on potential tenants. This will in turn help to make sure that a rental experience is very positive and profitable for our clients. Whether you are investing in a condo, townhouse, detached home or a commercial property, tenant selection is one of the most important points to cover. We can help make this experience easy, fun and rewarding because we handle all of the details.

At the Brandon Horn Team we offer property management services for our clients that will allow you peace of mind regarding the real estate investment. We work through the entire process from the selection of units, to the qualification of tenants and the completion of both residential and commercial lease agreements. We take care of the details so that you are able to enjoy a carefree investment. We are also very numbers focused and will walk you through cash flow, operating costs, down payment and financing options . Our company portfolio includes Residential Condos, Freehold Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Multi Residential Units and others that show our experience in management and client satisfaction. One of the most important points for having a positive investment experience is competitive, flexible and adaptive property management from our providers.